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BlogPoll Ballot: 2011 Season Final

I offer this with very little commentary...

I will make it brief.

Oklahoma State is at #2, with LSU at #3, because from what I saw from the LSU offense last night, it looked like LSU was not prepared. The LSU defense kept them in the game for three quarters but when the offense offers nothing, sooner or later the dam is going to burst.

OK St. may not be a "better team" than LSU or Alabama but I think it would have been a much more enjoyable game.

Arkansas was also fun to watch this year. Petrino still has some work to do though.

USC is at number five. I know I will take some heat over the placement of Oregon and Stanford behind 'SC but USC handled Oregon and took Stanford to the brink. Stanford was crushed by Oregon and Oregon did win the Rose Bowl but if USC is eligible I am not so sure that UO beats 'SC in a second match up in the CCG. We had their number.

Anyway, that is pretty much all I have...the rest is just filler.