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Conference Realignment: Would Texas go the Independent Route?

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While everything seems to be in hold mode for the time being, Kirk Bohls penned this great piece about UT and the option of going independent.

It's true they don't want to be an independent, even if every action they take seems as if they do. Certainly Texas acts like an independent. If it smells like an independent, talks like an independent, acts like an independent, I'm guessing deep down it's an independent.

I'm hoping I'm wrong on this, because I think going independent would be a colossal mistake as we rocket toward super conferences. Texas, though, may be painting itself into that corner without any other option, because the Big 12 appears too fractured to survive.

If so, the Pac-12 would be the Longhorns' best bet.

At this point, independence is looking like the end result. Why?

Ego and power.

Texas over played their hand but they still very valuable. Where ever they end up their parners will enjoy the statyre that is UT. But the indy route is not as easy as it sounds. USC had they fought tooth and nail during the negotiations of the Pac-10/12 media deals they would have been in the same boat as UT.

UT has some fence mending to do...the question is how humble are they willing to be? Texas A&M is gone no matter what, there isn't anything UT could do at this point could fix that. So, what can UT do to make things right with the rest of the Big 12?

I have no problem if with how the University of Texas runs their program. They should be able to call the shots because they are the big dog on the block just like USC is in the Pac-12.

So, if UT does all they can to keep the Big 12 together then that is great. If they go Indy that's fine too, regardless of the issues associated with independence...but no matter what, it is their call.

I am pretty ambivalent on expansion. Larry Scott has proven his mettle to cobble together deals so if we expand he can make it work, if not then I am pretty sure no one will complain.

At this point it is becoming anti-climatic...