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Conference Realignment: Baylor now the fly in the ointment

Late last night it was reported that Baylor is holding up things with Texas A&M.

From the end of the article to the point that matters the most.

So there we have it. The "hurdle" is Baylor University. Is Baylor looking out for the Big 12? Are they holding Texas A&M for ransom? Or, are they just looking to bankroll a "high stakes" poker game?

In subsequent tweets Liucci elaborated his thoughts and chastised Baylor University:

Baylor University may be college football’s first-ever ‘conference pariah’ before all said and done. Who the hell would want them after this? source

(Baylor) is absolutely ruining their only chance to remain in a BCS league (Big 12). With each passing HOUR, the odds decrease. source

More on the Baylor issue tomorrow. Much more. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face! Big 12 survival is BU’s only hope and the Bears are putting that in SERIOUS jeopardy by breaking ranks from league agreement not to sue. source source

Time wasted on A&M only keeps the Big 12′s hands tied and keeps the league from proceeding while Oklahoma/Pac12 talks get more serious. source

Meanwhile, Texas, Big 12, Texas Tech and remaining schools are all held up while Baylor morphs into a university falling to the ground and pitching a fit. source

The interesting thing out of all this is that this all about Texas. OU could still move and because they don't answer to Texas and the result would be the same.

I agree with the thought that Baylor is acting like a petulant child.

Let aTm go and focus on doing the things that will benefit Baylor of the rest of the Big 12. It may already be too late but all this does is cement the issue that the Big-12 is all but dead.

Meanwhile, Larry Scott patiently waits...