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Conference Realignment: Texas to the ACC?

Looks like a free-for-all is about to ensue.

Take this story for what its's a little over the top.

Texas is determined to hold onto the LHN at all costs to point of taking a step down in going to the ACC.

But if the Big 12 comes apart, another way for Texas to hold onto LHN may be joining the Atlantic Coast Conference, two sources close to the situation said Monday. ESPN holds the TV rights in the ACC and also owns and operates LHN.

But the ACC would only come into play if Oklahoma left for the Pac-12 and the Big 12 busted up, sources said.

One source close to the situation said the ACC, which is trying to fend off a potential raid by the Southeastern Conference (Virginia Tech continues to be mentioned by sources as an SEC target), would possibly look to add Texas, Syracuse, Connecticut and Rutgers to grow to 16.

I really think that is bad move for Texas...the ACC?


Outside of FSU and UM what football rich tradition does the ACC have? Texas is better off going independent.

There is also this...

Perhaps the simplest paradigm is to assume that Texas will close-up shop, and join them as will Texas Tech. Joining any conference is financially a much better option for Texas than independence, regardless of the success (or lack thereof) of Bevo's newly-minted television channel. However, it can't help but be pointed out that an intriguing pattern is emerging: namely, no more Tech problem.

The now-famous email suggested that Texas would have a hard time moving without Texas Tech finding a home. This is due, in large part, to in-state political pressures that would keep the schools from moving separately. And though the pressures didn't extend outside the state boundaries necessarily, keeping the Red River Rivalry intact was presumed to be of great importance.

Internet message board chatter, folklore in the eyes of some, persisted that perhaps Texas and the Big Ten has maintained constant contact.'s Bobby Burton recently reported on Rivals Radio that he's heard the Big Ten has in fact kept close tabs with Texas, and visa versa. It makes sense for both parties financially and academically.

Well, Bobby Burton is no longer with Rivals he's the CEO of 24/7 Sports, but the information here is interesting.

I would agree that the Big 10 has been very quiet through all of this.

But I am not sure that Texas wants to play a regular slate in great white north but that's just me. That seems even more out character for Texas.

Texas desperately wants to hold onto the LHN...pretty much at all costs. They lose it with the Pac-12, probably keep it with ACC and if they go to the Big 10 that is an unknown.

Next few days are going to filled with all sorts of interesting things that may come out.