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Conference Realignment:...And now the Texas Legislature is getting involved

I didn't want to update my story below because this is a whole separate issue. It also adds another layer of uncertainty as battle lines start to be drawn.

Hot off the presses...

With reports surfacing that Oklahoma is all but ready to commit to the Pac-12, Texas lawmakers are so concerned about the Longhorns possibly following suit that a full-court press is being made to slow things down by elected officials and corporate CEOs with influence, sources said.

"We don't want any hasty decision being made that hasn't been well thought out," one lawmaker told on Sunday.

Sources said the reason lawmakers are hot is that they received assurances from the Big 12, including Powers, that the Big 12 would survive without Texas A&M.

And because of those assurances, lawmakers did not take an aggressive stand against Texas A&M withdrawing from the Big 12. But that may be changing.

Sources said members of the Legislature are or will be reaching out to Texas A&M president R. Bowen Loftin to tell him the Aggies may no longer have the blessing of lawmakers to leave the Big 12, especially if it looks like the Big 12 will collapse.

I think saving the Big 12 is too little too late.

Oklahoma doesn't answer to Texas and they may see the benefit of heading over to the Pac-12.

Sure, the Texas Legislature can force aTm to stay and make life for UT difficult, but then they run the risk of getting involved with TV contracts and that won't go over well with markets and all of that.

ESPN is free to cut whatever deals it wants and they won't be told how to deal with aTm...especially if they don't want to partner with them or give them equal share.

LHN was all about Texas and that won't change.

I think its too late. Boren knows what is best for OU and as an old Senator himself he won't be cowed by a bordering state legislature as how he he should look out for his institution.

It is far from over but I think the wheels are already in motion.

The Texas Legislature had a chance to stop this a long time ago, they passed. Now, with other schools looking out for their own interests outside the State of Texas things will really get mucked up.

One other thought...

Think the NCAA is working behind the scenes on this? They are the ones that will get hurt the most when the dominoes start to fall...