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Conference Realignment: Is the The Big 12 on its last legs?

<em>Deal Maker!</em>
Deal Maker!

Larry Scott seems to be holding all the chips, as Matt Hayes is reporting.

I am stunned at the speed of which this is supposedly happening. OU is in the drivers seat with aTm moving on...

A month of confusion concerning the fate of college football conference expansion was finally given clarity Saturday from the man at the center of the process.

The end of the Big 12—and the birth of superconferences—is upon us.

Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott said Saturday night before the LSU-Oregon game that "schools have contacted us" about joining the Pac-12, and that the league isn’t proactively pursuing expansion. Scott also addressed two key points—both of which clearly identify the eventual demise of the Big 12.

Scott on conference expansion: "Further consolidation and more stability would be good for college football."

Scott on the Pac-12 television model: "Any member of our conference is part of our (television revenue sharing) model."

From those comments, it’s clear Scott and the Pac-12 still are interested in expanding, and reports from The Oklahoman that Oklahoma’s sole goal right now is the Pac-12 appear to support that.

If this goes down like it looks like it will, then Larry Scott is about to become the most powerful man in college sports.

What difference a year makes.

He will have a number of issues to deal with but get a deal done now and iron out the kinks later.

The possibilities of all of this are incredible.