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USC 19 - Minnesota 17

Definitely a tale of two half's.

How many times have I wrote that?

The Offense:

The good Robert Woods and Matt Barkley are clearly on the same page...the bad news it seems that that is all we have on Offense. Just as we suspected, the OLine had a lot of issues today. Be it not giving Barkley the time he needed or missed assignments and stupid penalties. The offense just couldn't generate much other than Barkley to Woods.

Big congrats to Matt Barkley Robert Woods for both breaking school records for passing and receiving.

The Defense:

For the most part the defense did what we wanted them to do. MarQueis Gray never got things going. He had a few plays but he wasn't consistent. The defensive line did exactly what wanted them to do. They were in the back field all day. Overall they were great.

The LB's played OK though they had some issues in the middle.

The secondary was up and down. Torin Harris was owned on the drive that brought Minnesota to within 2-points but he redeemed himself with the pick that sealed the win. The Tampa-Two still frustrates me with its soft coverage 'SC is lucky that they didn't get burned on a few more plays.

Special Teams:

Lane Kiffin is really starting to piss me off with these 2-point conversions. Leaving 2-4 point on the table is going to burn USC one day...especially with this team offensively challenged.

Thats it for now...just some quick observations. I will have more tomorrow.

Going to be a real interesting game against Utah.

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