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Barkley Reprimanded for Burfict Comments

<em>Last laugh??</em>
Last laugh??

When I read those comments about Burfict being a dirty player last week I kind of scratched my head.

I thought to myself...why go there?

It's pointless to call another player out unless you want to give him some bulletin board material. It is also against Barkley's level of character.

I have never heard Barkley make a comment like that before so I was perplexed.

The Pac-12 took exception as well, reprimanding Barkley today.

"All of our student-athletes must adhere to the Pac-12's policies on Sportsmanship and Standards of Conduct, which call for our student athletes to treat opponents with respect and create and ensure a collegiate atmosphere in which to conduct competition," Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott said. "In these circumstances, Mr. Barkley’s comments were a clear violation of Conference rules and he is being appropriately reprimanded."

Burfict got the last laugh...he got the pick and then helped Barkley off the turf in what was a clear act rubbing it in veiled as act of good sportsmanship.

Like it or not, right or wrong, this is not what Lane Kiffin wants out his players......even when they are right.

Message received?