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USC vs. ASU: Post-Game Videos

Wide awake after only 3-hours of sleep...should be a fun day today!

I am more numb than upset. I have seen enough to see where the issues are with this team. Some significant and some minor. Some with coaching and some with personnel.

Barkley is still our best option, but he continues to make the same mistakes....have we gone as far as we are going to go with him?

The philosophy of this staff is really going to be questioned in the coming weeks, if not right now. How does this team overcome the issues of depth and experience? How does this team become more disciplined. How is the coaching staff going to adjust their defensive schemes to address what every other team seems to see when they play us.

It will be interesting to see how this team responds after this humiliating loss.

Lots of questions today that I sure do not have the answers to. We have had bad losses before, but for some reason losing the way we did with our junior QB making some poor decisions and not looking crisp over all, is a big concern I have.

Anyway, I am going to post these now and do a more detailed write-up later...( I will add more as they come up and try to keep all the pertinent videos in one place.)