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ASU 43 - USC 22

<em>Here is one bright spot from tonight...</em>
Here is one bright spot from tonight...

Matt Barkley was humbled tonight.

Barkley had a chance for a statement game and he flamed out. I can live with a loss. I know where this is at, I never expected to be significantly better than last year.

But this one was bad. This team still has a lot of issues.

I really am perplexed.

I realize that ASU is better than before but not that much better. I also know that sooner or later ASU was going to break the streak...but Jeez!

I saw some things that I liked. Like the run game when it got going and of course the passing game when Barkley didn't look like his mechanics were off.

Play was very sloppy though. There were way too many penalties - 20 for 176-yards, poor tackling, an inconsistent O-line and that damn soft zone.

And the turnovers... FOUR

Here is an idea...think maybe we could have keyed on the RB to neutralize the swing pass the way other teams do it to us when they adjust? I am not sure that Monte Kiffin knows how to adjust.

Thank god we aren't eligible for anything because we don't deserve it right now.

More tomorrow.

Rant away...this is our post game thread.