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Armond Armstead Redshirting in 2011

This has to be one of the most bizarre situations i have ever heard of.

Whatever the reason, whatever the medical condition, it has the USC football staff concerned enough to urge Armstead to redshirt.

Armstead, a fourth-year senior and two-year starter for the Trojans, spent five days in the hospital in March undergoing a series of tests. He has had no further known complications since then but has not allowed to fully participate in USC's practices.

The question of whether or not he'd be medically cleared to play this season had dragged on well past the season opener, and Kiffin said last week that a decision would be made in the near future.

"After meeting with everybody involved, everyone has come to the same conclusion: The best thing is to redshirt him right now, being this late in the season and having missed so much practice time and so much game time," Kiffin said Tuesday. "That's the best thing for his future so we'll look to the future for it. He's going to probably graduate, finish his degree this semester and we'll have him back next year."

Some have made the comparisons to the Jarvis Jones situation. Until we know what his medical condition is I think its hard to draw any conclusions or comparisons.

Its hard to know how this all ends up but I will make a prediction...Armstead will not return. If he is cleared to play whay stick around college when you are eligible to play in the NFL.

Why take the chance?

Damn shame, really...