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Mark Emmert urges caution...

Mark Emmert thinks that things are moving too fast when it comes to conference realignment.

Emmert is urging caution in these moves, noting that real institutions, students, coaches, etc are affected by these moves and should not be taken lightly.

He is kidding right?

Once again, though, Emmert's vision is short sighted.

"This is not about playing Monopoly and moving pieces around on the board," the NCAA president said of the latest round of conference-hopping. "These are real institutions with real students and real coaches and real programs, and it's much, much more complex than playing a simple game.

"There's a chance to do some things that would be helpful, and there's a chance to some things that would be very wrong."

I can see where he is going here, logistics could and probably will be a real nightmare with some of these programs.

But it is too little too late.

For all of Emmert's posturing about change, nothing really has. The wheels of change at the NCAA move at a very slow pace.

Instead of making sweeping changes as soon as he came in, Emmert instead simply continued the charade by propping up a corrupt organization and making stupid comments.

Because the NCAA is arbitrary in its rulings, corrupt in its enforcement processes and pretty much disingenuous when it comes to looking out for the "student-athlete" they are becoming irrelevant. Again, I have no doubt that real people will be affected by these moves, but real people are also affected by the NCAA's corrupt processes.

Punishing kids who have nothing to do with previous infractions cases affects real students too.

Emmert sees the writing on the wall, the NCAA is becoming more and more irrelevant with each passing day.

College sports is big business, the NCAA knows that but they are getting shut out with these new alignments and it wouldn't surprise me if they get shut out when it comes time to renegotiate the NCAA hoops tournament when that comes up in 6 or 7 years.

Emmert is not a visionary, Larry Scott is a visionary, Jim Delaney is a visionary.

Mark Emmert is simply a administrator who lacks the fortitude to exact change quickly.