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Conference Realignment: Is the ACC trying to poach Pitt and Syracuse?

Not to be out done by the SEC or the Pac-12, the ACC is jumping into the fray...

The person with knowledge of the talks declined to speculate on a timetable or the seriousness of the discussions. But in this delicate time for conferences and their futures, the discussions between the 12-team A.C.C. and two Big East members are significant.

The discussions show how the trend toward 16-team super conferences that has concerned many college athletics officials appears to be inching closer to reality. If Syracuse and Pittsburgh switch, the move would be difficult for the Big East to overcome. They are two of the conference’s most important programs. Syracuse is a founding member, and Pittsburgh joined the league in 1982, three years after it formed.

The Pittsburgh chancellor, Mark Nordenberg, who is widely credited with saving the Big East after Boston College, Miami and Virginia Tech moved to the A.C.C. in the early 2000s, twice declined comment when reached at his home.

With Texas looking east and not west the ACC is poised to be the first super conference with 16 teams, Texas Tech will go where Texas goes.

It doesn't matter to me where everyone ends long as the NCAA is crippled when it is all over then I am fine with it.

It is getting really interesting now...