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USC 23 - Utah 14

Long after the game was over the Pac-12 changed the official score of of USC's win over Utah...

But two hours later, the Pac-12 ruled that officials erred by not allowing Torin Harris' touchdown return after Matt Kalil blocked a field-goal attempt on the game's final play.

Here's Pereira's statement:

"The new Unsportsmanlike Conduct rule is Rule 9, Section 2, Article 1. It states that Unsportsmanlike Conduct fouls by players are administered as either live ball or dead ball fouls depending on when they occur. The rule does not apply to substitutes. All Unsportsmanlike Conduct fouls by substitutes are enforced as dead ball fouls. Since the game was over, the penalty could not be enforced and the referee stated it was declined by rule. The officials did rule it a touchdown making the final score 23-14."


I love that we won...those plays are a part of the game just like anything else so you embrace it.

The more disturbing aspect of the game was that we could have put these guys away way before that. Barkley played well enough, Tyler did what we have expected from him and the defense did not collapse like they did last year.

Guys not protecting the football was the biggest culprit last night.

I can't lay that at Kiffin's feet....