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Pat Haden to be part of group to reform NCAA Enforcement

This should be interesting.

Pat Haden will attempt to educate the NCAA on how to change its enforcement mode.

Haden is going to have either reaffirm or eat his words on the the NCAA being made up "fair minded" people///

In April 2012, the Board will hear recommendations on amendments to the Division I Manual aimed at reducing the volume of unenforceable and inconsequential rules that are not national in scope. It will also review recommended legislative processes to ensure that any new rules align with those values.

Lastly, the Board will examine the enforcement process and penalties in April 2012, evaluating a new multi-level violation reporting and penalty structure that focuses on serious infractions.


The full working group make up is listed below:

Name Position Conference
Collegiate Model Enforcement Pat Haden AD PAC-12

Going to be interesting to see if the NCAA really takes this serious and changes the way they currently do business or if its just another committee meeting that will change nothing.