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Marc Tyler will be reinstated to practice before August 22nd

From Wolf at the DN...

Suspended USC tailback Marc Tyler (Oaks Christian) will be reinstated to practice just before classes begin Aug. 22, according to sources within the program.

The move will give Tyler time to get in shape and be ready to play in USC's second game against Utah on Sept. 10 at the Coliseum. The senior tailback was suspended for the season opener against Minnesota on Sept. 3 after making controversial remarks that were shown on the website

Tyler was suspended from all team activities by USC coach Lane Kiffin and athletic director Pat Haden. But he is supposed to begin individual workouts with running backs coach Kennedy Pola this weekend.

Tyler also waits to hear from USC's office of student judicial affairs regarding two incidents involving female students. However, a source said there were indications Tyler might not face additional punishm

I am not surprised by this.

Kiffin saw the problem and addressed it...message sent!

Tyler is not out of the woods yet with the student judiciary still yet to rule on his other pending issues.

I have no problem with Kiffin reinstating least there was some meaningful punishment for Tyler's actions. Unlike a certain WR who has had THREE alcohol related incidents.

Tyler is still out for the first game at the minimum, so allowing him to start workouts benefits both the team and Tyler while still keeping some teeth into his punishment.