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New Sports Agent Bill signed into California law


OK, This is all nice and all...

California’s collegiate student athletes scored big when Senate Bill (SB) 238 was signed by the Governor earlier this week. The bill creates penalties for athlete agents who victimize student athletes and comes at a time when there have been numerous ethics and legal violations in NCAA athletics both in California and nationally.

"The dirty secret behind student athletes is that they toil for long hours pursuing their dreams but are often living in poverty. They are very vulnerable to unscrupulous agents preying on them in the hopes of a future reward," said the bill’s author Senator Kevin de León, Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Sports and Entertainment. "I am thrilled California is now one step closer to preventing student athlete victimization with the passage of this legislation."

California is home to more sports agents than all of the other 49 states combined. While most of the players in the industry act lawfully, there are athlete agents who brazenly flout the law for their own financial gain. They frequently employ tactics that involve secret payments, providing student athletes with unrealistic promises, and force student athletes into entering contracts that are not in their best interest. Further, they hurt the NCAA eligibility of our student athletes, having a damaging effect on our colleges and universities’ ability to participate in intercollegiate sports, which impacts tourism and revenue in their communities.

Uh huh...

We don't need another worthless law.

We need the one already on the books to be 5 years ago, when Lloyd Lake admitted he gave Reggie Bush money.

Waste of time.