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Did the NCAA go easy on Kiffin because of Paul Dee?

Paul Dee's hypocrisy has been well documented.

The Sham that is the NCAA has also been discussed until we are blue in the face.

It's clear the NCAA answers to no one, regardless of what some NCAA mouth pieces want you to believe. Mark Emmert pretty much admits that in his interview with the LAT that wrote about earlier today.

But, I read this today...

How bad would the NCAA's committee look in punishing USC's Kiffin when right now, it looks like the NCAA's committee may have had some questionable leadership under Dee when USC's case was finalized.

The NCAA had a PR mess on its hands. It still does. But the raging boil a week ago has today been temporarily reduced to a simmer because Kiffin walked.

He walked because the NCAA had two choices—one was to hammer Kiffin and ostensibly make USC a martyr to even its most ardent haters, the other let Kiffin walk, forget it ever happened and offer no explanation if anyone asks.

Perhaps Pete Carroll was right — maybe the NCAA does have "an agenda."

Last part first...

Yes, the NCAA does have an agenda. That's old news...

I am certainly not an NCAA supporter. But what if the "evidence" of the charges against Kiffin simply wasn't there? People are charged everyday with those charges being dropped or reduced.

Kiffin's "infractions" were no different than any other secondary violation, The NCAA's enforcement staff showed their hand...

If the NCAA hammered Kiffin, based on the tone of the current administration, it is very likely that USC would not have done anything about it.

The lawsuit option, if there ever was one, was off the table a long time ago.

Many would have seen it as piling on and that would be justified, but so what? The NCAA isn't worried about any repercussions, that is backed up by the comments that Mark Emmert has said over and over about each case standing on its own merits.

The Apples vs Oranges defense.

So, were the Paul Dee "revelations" the out the NCAA needed to not pile on Lane Kiffin?

Maybe, we really shouldn't be surprised if that is the case, but so what? So, USC had one go its way for a change. But the damage is already done. If Kiffin was given a show cause he probably would have been let go...but would his departure hurt us any more?

The NCAA is tone deaf over its investigation and enforcement processes, they do what they want and no one is going to change that anytime soon. So, on the one side, part of me agrees with this premise...the other side says that maybe someone on the COI looked at the charges against Kiffin for what they were...nothing.

We'll never know.

But if the former is true, then we should feel lucky that Dee's hypocrisy was exposed, because if Kiffin was hammered there isn't anything this administration is/was willing to do to fight the corruption that clearly permeates the NCAA.

Nikias and Co. have a bigger agenda...a lawsuit with little chance of success (and all the exposure that could come with it) just gets in the way.

That's's their show.

As I have said before, change only comes from within...unfortunately those who could force change are too worried about having their oats cut off at the NCAA's trough.

So, nothing changes and the NCAA's face saving moves and motivations are left unchecked.