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Mark Emmert must think we're stupid

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I know this is posted as a FanShot with some great comments but I wanted to chime in...

I could go in a lot directions with his interview with the LAT, but I want to just focus on one area that stood out.

The chairman [Dee] was one of nine voices on the committee. He has no more power than anyone else. We look at individual cases on their merits. What happened at Miami has no bearing on USC. I understand it doesn't feel right. We decide cases based on the facts on the ground, and we will continue to do that.

Emmert can't be serious...

Dee should have never been on the committee.

Emmert's disconnect is a simple one...because Dee was at the helm at Miami when the largest Pell Grant scandal went down and because of Dee's role in the withholding of some drug tests that allowed some players to play in a bowl game, he is far from qualified from sitting in judgment of other programs when on the committee.

Because Dee was the AD at another school, A school that had numerous infractions under his watch, it is logical to say that there was a huge conflict of interest.

USC was the in thing, the flavor of the month as it was. USC was laying waste to a number of schools that were part of the good ole' boy network.

The rumors have circulated that Dee took over the investigation and that a number of members on the committee felt "pressured" to go along.

My five year old could figure out that Dee and his cronies had an agenda.

There are those who will say that it is a conspiracy, fine. But based on the standards that Paul Dee nailed USC for and then to have worse infractions happen on his watch while saying to other programs that he sat in judgment over that they needed to use the Miami model of compliance exposes Dee not only as corrupt but woefully ineligible to stand in judgment of other programs.

If Mark Emmert can't see that, then it will only get worse.


The only way the NCAA is called out is for its members to break away from this sham organization.

The main problem with the NCAA is that it is staffed with only members of academia...they all eat from the same trough. Everybody looks out one another...and if you're an outsider then you're screwed. There is no impartiality...agenda's abound.

If Mark Emmert is too ignorant to see that then things will never get better.

They will get worse!

I went back and forth with Ronnie Ramos on Twitter last week. He tried to pass the BS line that the member institutions make the rules, that the NCAA answers to the member institutions....right.

Obviously, Ramos and his superiors are floating us a line of BS.

He can't really believe that, can he?

How stupid do these people think we really are??

UPDATE: Eamonn Brennan agrees...