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An Irene Hiatus


As many as you know I live in the NYC area...

Hurricane Irene is lining us up for a direct hit...and I am supposed to be going on vacation down to the Jersey Shore on Monday.

Yeah, right...we'll see if that actually happens.

So, I am taking a few days off the blog starting tomorrow....I may lurk but I don't plan to post.

I have pretty much done all the securing I can...just have to set the generator up.

So, I hope to get a few things up tonight, but I will be off the grid after that.

Once (if?) I get on vacation I will post a few thing in preparation of next Saturday's season opener against Minnesota.

See you when it's done....

UPDATE: It is almost 2am Sunday morning here and things are about where I expected them to be. Lots of rain with the wind really picking up. I expect to lose power in the next six or so hours as the storm moves in closer. With all the trees in our neighborhood one of them is bound to come down and take a power line with it.

And the Eye of the storm is still 250 miles away.

Going to get interesting...