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Frank Beamer needs to get his facts straight

Interesting comments from Frank Beamer on the radio...

On the NFL upholding the five-game suspension leveled to Terrelle Pryor at Ohio State:

"I appreciate the NFL working with the colleges to … [take] the general statement, if you’ve done something wrong in college, you can’t take the next step and just walk away from it. I think the NFL’s sending a message and hopefully it will hold up in court and we can have consistency throughout."

Shouldn’t they do the same thing to coaches then, like Pete Carroll?:

"I agree totally. I don’t think you can just be somewhere and something happened and you can just walk away from it and take the next step."

Sounds like someone is still butt-hurt over getting hammered by USC at a defacto home game.

Maybe Beamer can point to the part of the NCAA report where Pete Carroll was found guilty of something other than the extra coach...Hardly a reason to jump to the NFL.

I am not thrilled about Pryor getting shelved for five games for breaking ZERO laws while others in the NFL are punished minimally and allowed to play after domestic violence charges or driving under the influence etc. But that is an NFL thing not an NCAA thing.

Maybe we should punish coaches whose players break the laws while on scholarship...after all, they are leaders of men and substitute father figures to many of their players.


Just shut up and coach Frank...