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The NCAA is making it up as they go along...

Well at least now we know why the only players being investigated are from Miami.

Another day another relatively unknown rule used by the NCAA

"The enforcement staff has been given, by the membership, a pretty important investigative tool," Roe Lach told in an exclusive interview.

"Limited immunity" is a little-known procedure granted to NCAA investigators to get information from a player "when such an individual otherwise might be declared ineligible for intercollegiate competition," according to the NCAA Manual.

Roe Lach put it another way: "When we think that's really our only shot of getting that information."

In essence, it allows guilty parties to become informants in exchange for playing time. The report contains at least two Miami transfers -- Marve and Kansas State linebacker Arthur Brown -- as well as seven players from other schools who were recruited by Miami but enrolled elsewhere.

This rule is like the rule that the NCAA suddenly pulled out to let the Tat-5 play in the Sugar Bowl.

Just curious, when did the membership give the NCAA that rule??

Here are a couple more tidbits...

During the 25-minute interview, Roe Lach was speaking in broad terms and never specifically about the Miami case. She said prospects who take extra benefits at one school but sign with another are not pursued unless they are receiving those benefits from an agent.

What a racket!

Take benefits from one school and then enroll at another and they won't hunt you down...unless the benefits are from an agent!

But wasn't Shapiro the owner of a sports marketing agent?

I can't wait to see how Shapiro is characterized...Booster, Agent or BOTH!