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Dan LeBatard makes me laugh

I have always got a kick out Dan LeBatard.

I agree with him on some things and disagree with him on others...nothing earth shattering there, that is just how life is. But for the most part I have always respected his wit and insight, even if I didn't agree with him.

LeBatard is also an unabashed Miami homer.

That's fine, LeBatard attended the school during its heyday, just like Yahoo! Radio's Todd Wright and ESPN's Bruce Feldman.

All three saw the program up close, so they know where a lot of bodies are buried.

They are well versed in the lore of the U.

This morning LeBatard makes the point that there is a lot of noise and not a lot substance when discussing the current situation at the U.

The demand for facts tends to be directly proportional to your own proximity to allegations and consequences. Something is really unfair, too often, only when it happens to you. Sports noise is usually more emotional than it is empathic or nuanced, so people take sides, believing absolutes, even though the truth is rarely found in the extremes. UM is either contaminated and corrupt at the core, totally out of control and in need of death. Or the unfair, evil media is conspiring with this snake scum to fly planes into UM’s buildings.


LeBatard was one of those that excoriated USC when our sanctions were announced, but now he wants the "noise" tamped down so that the facts can determined.

I highly doubt LeBatard read any of the documents pertaining to USC and the COI. If he had, the question I would ask is do you think the NCAA made its case? Did they stretch things to make the story fit their narrative?

LeBatard wants to blame the he going to lead the charge?

This is the same NCAA that will ultimately stand in judgment of the U.

They were unchecked then...does anyone think things have changed?

I would love to see Paul Dee put through the exact same process that Todd McNair or Mike Garrett went through. Make no mistake, Dee will have to appear. But because the NCAA is corrupt his attendance will be but a footnote...nothing of substance will come of his testimony, even though you can use his own words against him.

The fix is in and the good 'ole boy network will look out for their own.

I find it hilarious that LeBatard demands that we ignore the 'noise while searching for the true facts in regards to Miami when he was one of those voices making 'noise' without having really looked at the details in regards to USC.

Towards the end of the article LeBatard details many of the ills that have befallen The U over the years. He notes that those transgressions didn't take The U down back he insinuating that this latest episode won't take them down either?

Must make him proud...