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Keep Talking Mr. Dee...

You can't make this stuff up.

If there is justice in the world, Paul Dee's own words will come back to haunt him...

Former University of Miami athletic director Paul Dee said Friday he is "absolutely sickened’’ by the allegations facing the Hurricanes, urged everyone involved to tell the truth, and conceded that Nevin Shapiro, the incarcerated booster at the center of the scandal, "should have been on our radar.’’

The only issue they had with Shapiro, Dee said, is that "he kept promising gifts he didn’t deliver.’’ Also, he rubbed football coach Randy Shannon the wrong way, to the point that Shannon warned his players about Shapiro. Dee admits that should have been a red flag.


This is what he said to USC, this is pretty much what he said to Long Beach State.

The more Dee talks the worse it gets...

Dee said Shapiro never asked for anything extraordinary, and was treated like all the other boosters who made substantial donations. He was given sideline passes for a few football games a year, but that is a common courtesy.

"It is not an unusual request for a trustee or booster to ask for a field pass,’’ said Dee, who served as chairman of the NCAA Infractions Committee. "I’ve had trustees take their kids down there to get photos before a game, boosters down there for pre-game warm-ups, those are little favors we did for the people who supported our program and it has never burned us before....

Sounds like the same sort of atmosphere that was on the USC sideline...the same atmosphere that "troubled" the committee and that has led to practices being closed and sidelines at games looking like a ghost town.

I mean its not like Shapiro was running a black-op. According to the Feds all the signs were there...

Gil Childers, who was a part of the New Jersey prosecution team that investigated Shapiro's $930 million Ponzi scheme, told NBC Miami that the recent allegations that have surfaced about UM were not new news to him and that Shapiro's connections to the university were not that hard to find.

"We did reach out to the university and that did include some people who were directly involved in the Athletic Department," Childers said.


Childers said he wasn't allowed to name any names but that some players may have also been interviewed who may have taken gifts and money from Shapiro.

He also said they were ready to call in former and current players to bolster their case against Shapiro.

Let that last sentence sink in for a moment...

Remember how the NCAA was waiting for Reggie Bush's deposition in Lloyd Lake's lawsuit?

Well, if the NCAA waits long enough for these interviews, they will have an iron clad case against Miami and Paul Dee will be even more humiliated.

Dee is boxing the NCAA into a corner with his constant chin wagging.

Can't wait to see Dee walk into the COI with his attorney to answer for his lack of oversight.

Should have known...