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Is the Fix in at the NCAA?

Allow me to put my tinfoil hat on for just a moment.

With 72 or 73 players implicated in the Miami scandal, there is one question that I would like to ask.

How can the NCAA clear players so quickly if this information is just getting out? Even if by the NCAA's claim, that the NCAA has been looking into this for five months, how can they clear Robert Marve and Bryce Brown?

The evidence obtained by Yahoo! is pretty damning.

Here is the info on Bryce Brown...

The Browns' spiritual adviser, Brian Butler, told The Wichita Eagle that he and the Browns didn't know Shapiro was a Miami booster. Instead, they thought Shapiro was just a fan who helped players from out of state.

"In our case, he did invite us to lunch and we did go to lunch, and he did reserve some rooms for us, for myself and Mr. Brown senior," Butler told the newspaper. "Those things, I can say that he did."

Butler added that Shapiro "wasn't giving us money and trying to pay us or bring Bryce or Arthur there, Arthur was already at the school."

Oh, that is rich!!!

Does Butler think we are nuts?

Last time I checked the parents and player are one in the same....unless its the Newton's and the Brown's aren't all that.

Clearing Brown is essentially opening the flood gates to parents being wined and dined. I mean there are rules against know like how USC was nailed for Mike Ornstein doing virtually the same thing with Reggie Bush's parents.

I mean who else other than a booster would pay $1100 in hotel rooms for the Brown's? Shapiro is virtual unknown to them otherwise.

Then there is Marve...

• Two sources corroborated Shapiro having paid for at least two dinners for Marve at Prime 112 steakhouse.

• Two sources corroborated Shapiro’s bodyguards and Miami staffer Sean Allen providing Marve with transportation at the request of the booster.

• Three sources corroborated Marve receiving drinks and VIP access at nightclubs such as Mansion and Opium Garden from Shapiro.

• Yahoo! Sports also acquired photos showing Marve in Shapiro’s VIP section of a nightclub in October 2008. In one of the photos, both Marve and then-Miami basketball assistant coach Jorge Fernandez were present with Shapiro in the booster’s VIP section.

Yeah, nothing there.

That is a heck of a lot of corroborated evidence that the NCAA is ignoring to clear Marve.

It would appear that the words of a convicted felon don't have as much weight as they did just a few years ago.

The sham continues....