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USC Training Camp: A case of the drops and some other notes

We have seen where Lane Kiffin has criticized Matt Barkley's performance during training camp.

Maybe Kiffin's public criticism lit a fire under Barkley because he lit up Kyle Prater for dropping the ball...

After a series of dropped passes by several receivers during practice, the junior sprinted at least 10 yards to meet redshirt freshman Kyle Prater — and appeared to give him an earful.

Asked if his comments were born of frustration, Barkley chose other adjectives.

"I wouldn't say frustrated," he said. "I would say motivating or spurring on. I mean these guys are here for a reason — to run routes, to catch balls and to block. And if they're not doing one of those things it's my job to make them do that and to help them do that."

That's fair.

If Barkley is going to take heat for throwing picks then he should be able to give it when the receivers don't perform to expectations.

- - -

We have gone back in forth in the comments about the reasons for some of Barkley's miscues.

Barkley is fair is the O-line that is still coming together.

I'm very disappointed when we start the second half with (first-team guards) and put (the third-team defense) against them and they went three and out."

It wasn't just the guards, however. New right tackle Kevin Graf allowed a sack and committed two false starts.

"Right tackle was a little shaky today," Kiffin said.

Fair is fair.

We have heard all sorts great things about Aundey Walker but he is still a work in progress.

Regardless of where some may think our depth is at, this is the one area where we will have some issues going forward. This is where the sanctions coupled with some misses on the recruiting trail will hurt.

- - -

One player on offense who is turning heads is Marquise Lee...

In an effort to put Lee’s performance in context, USC coach Lane Kiffin looked at tape of Robert Woods from the same time last season. Woods, also from Serra, earned a spot in the starting lineup. Kiffin said the film is comparable.

"It’s very similar," Kiffin said. "They kind of look a lot alike. It’s a good thing."

Earlier in camp, Kiffin compared Lee (6-0, 190) to former Trojans standout Damian Williams.

Williams was quarterback Matt Barkley‘s go-to guy in 2009. Woods became the top receiver last season, when he was named the Pac-10′s Offensive Freshman of the Year. Lee already has earned Barkley’s trust.

Any extra weapons on offense can't hurt.

I have no doubt that Farmer will get into the mix...but it always a nice a surprise to see one player who unexpectedly makes some noise.

- - -

With two weeks to go injuries and depth are stories.

We definitely have some talent, it just has to come together. By the Kiffin's reaction, it seems that it is not coming together fast enough with some of the hits the team has taken.

Time will tell...