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Paul Dee "should have known"

Sometimes the stories just write themselves.

We all heard that the University of Miami might have a compliance problem.

What may draw your ire or amusement, depending on your mood, are the current words of the infamous Paul Dee...

"We didn’t have any suspicion that he was doing anything like this," Dee told the Post. "He didn’t do anything to cause concern. …

"We treated him very fairly as we do all donors. He would come by, ask to go out to practice and we would send one of our staffers to accompany him. In terms of kids getting close to him or him getting close to the kids, I have no knowledge of that and my staff had no knowledge of that."

Uh, huh...sure you didn't.

I guess there was no chance of anything happening AWAY from campus right Paul?

You know like nothing happened with the alleged agents prowling the sidelines at USC's practices or in the locker room after games.

This is worse because they escorted Shapiro around.

One could say that it was going on right under Miami's nose...THEY SHOULD HAVE KNOWN!

Of course this means nothing. The NCAA won't change anything. It's a blip on their screen. They think it is OK for the former AD of the program who was at the center of largest Pell-Grant fraud scheme ever to sit in judgment of another school on the COI.

Right...that's not a corrupt organization.

Gotta love it.