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Larry Scott and Jim Delaney have a meeting of their own

While the NCAA was holding a retreat to discuss the future of college sports, Larry Scott and Jim Delaney got together to discuss one subject that many college football fans have been clamoring about...

Athletic directors of the newly expanded Big Ten and Pac-12 conferences found consensus on a "plus-one" football national-championship proposal at meetings early this week that could signal movement toward a revamped Bowl Championship Series.


The proposed format the ADs favored in a straw vote calls for adding a BCS bowl, probably the Cotton, and seeding the top four teams, which would play semifinals in two BCS bowls on a rotating basis. Presumably, the current BCS formula still would be used to rank teams. Winners would advance to a title game in what has become known as a "plus-one" format.

In this format, the Rose Bowl wouldn't host semifinal games in exchange for the right to preserve an annual matchup of the Big Ten and Pac-12, but would host the title game every five years.


I have been on the fence with regards to a playoff in CFB...but I like that there are some forward thinkers who have some juice are looking at alternatives to the current format.

So, while I am yet sold on a play-off, anything that could blow up the BCS I will look at.

The BCS is as corrupt as the NCAA. The BCS claim's independence one one hand and on the other say they follow the eligibility guidelines of the NCAA.

Unless of course the NCAA looks the other way to let the Tat-five play.

The NCAA, and the BCS, are going the way of the dinosaur. Things are moving way too fast for them to keep up...they are already woefully too far behind.

I had my doubts about Larry Scott, but he continues to move the needle...