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Talking about the NCAA with the Buckeye Battle Cry

Aside from some history on the field, USC and Ohio State are part of another club...

Both schools have been investigated by the NCAA.

We have documented USC's story here on CC repeatedly. I have also tried to keep up with the Ohio State situation. I have tried to be fair in discussing the goings on in Columbus but I am sure to the outsider a number of my rants have come off as bitter or whiny.

That's fine, people are entitled to their opinion.

The only thing I have ever wanted to see was a consistent NCAA with their rulings. In the grand scheme of things I really couldn't care less about tOSU. We have beat them on the field...and I give them credit for even accepting the home-and-home. They are one of the few big time schools that weren't afraid to play USC over the past decade or so.

All that aside the one thing that doesn't change is that no matter what happens its the fans that always get the short end of the stick.

Yes, players who have nothing to do with infractions committed by other players who are no longer with the program take a hit, but they still get a free education and the chance to take their talents and turn them into something bigger.

The fans live and die with how their team prevails.

Earlier this year The guys at the BBC reached out to me to describe what to expect with all the NCAA madness. We had gone back and forth with emails as new developments came up...the dialog was pretty fluid.

I had known these guys from the past, when they were with SBN, before they decided to go the independent route, so when they asked me to do their podcast on the subject I heartily accepted.

I spent about an hour this past Sunday night answering their questions. In prepping for this podcast they sent me some questions so I could get a feel of where they wanted to go. It was a good exercise.

I was honest as I could be and tried to get the point across that my issues with the NCAA really have nothing to do with OSU just that there are some similarities and how OSU fans should not be surprised if they get blindsided by a runaway NCAA...

As is typical with me, once they started asking questions I couldn't shut up.

These gents were tremendous hosts.

So, here is the is long, but I hope it is informative.

A big thanks to the BBC for letting me pontificate!