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Pat Haden clarifies his remarks about "Winning the Right Way"

I cannot say I am surprised.

Sooner or later this was going to happen. Someone was going to tell Pat Haden that he needed to get the story straight.

From August's State of Troy...

I am sorry if my comments about "winning the right way" have been misconstrued. My intent is not to denigrate any of the teams of the past or keep fans from enjoying those great years in Pete Carroll's era. When I took this job, being on NCAA probation, I realized that if we have any further NCAA issues, we could face serious consequences for our football program above and beyond the current penalties. I understand now that some people have taken my comments the wrong way. For anyone that feels that I have not shown complete respect for the great teams of years past, I apologize.

Haden just doesn't talk on the fans level.

This, like the lack of a PR initiative, was handled poorly.

The clarification is meaningless in many peoples eyes because the damage is done. The winning the right way comment along with the NCAA is fair minded comment just rubbed salt in the wounds of many USC fans.

I am happy that Pat Haden finally realized his how damaging those comments were....

I just think its a little late.