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NCAA still investigating Ohio State


But why rush the current investigation? Why not take all the time you need?

Its not like they didn't have a problem taking all the time they needed with USC.

Either way, the NCAA is still sniffing around...

Although Ohio State is heading into its meeting with the NCAA Committee on Infractions on Friday, the school's dealings with the NCAA over problems within its football program will not end there.

According to multiple sources, the NCAA notified Ohio State by letter last week that it is still investigating other issues involving the football program. The result could be a second notice of allegations and a second trip through the NCAA justice system.

Ohio State has not publicly disclosed the existence of the letter.

On July 14, the NCAA notified the school that it would not face a more serious "failure to monitor" charge at its hearing Friday, and that there would be no additional allegations beyond what the school was faced with last April. That news was greeted with exultation from Ohio State fans who believed that the worst of the investigation by the NCAA's enforcement staff was over.

But that could prove to be a premature reaction. The NCAA's enforcement department is still at work.

Buckle up Buckeye fans...looks like it is your turn in the barrel.