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Ohio State vacates 2010, no scholarship reduction or voluntary bowl ban

As I am sure many of of you saw heard yesterday Ohio State took the obvious step of vacating the 2010 season in the wake of the scandal that has rocked the program since it was revealed that that players exchanged memorabilia for tattoos.

This pre-emptive move to accept some culpability is not going over well in some circles.

OK, so vacating all the Buckeyes' 2010 victories -- including the Allstate Sugar Bowl win over Arkansas -- wasn't all Ohio State accepted as self-imposed penalties in its response to NCAA allegations on Friday. But that was just about the only new thing the school has imposed. What was lacking from the response was most telling.

The Buckeyes didn't impose scholarship reductions. They didn't implement a bowl ban, not even for one year. Nothing new that would harm the future of the program in any significant way was put on the table. Ohio State did place itself on two years' probation, which is essentially a slap on the wrist.

Not exactly the most painful of punishments, given the lying and covering up by former coach Jim Tressel, who knowingly used ineligible players all of last season.

I can see why they did this...

With no LOIC or FTM charge listed in the NOA then why penalize yourself more than you have to?

It really doesn't matter what we think. We all know that the NCAA is a sham.

Yesterday's revelation that OSU AD Gene Smith basically asked Tressel to resign is not really a surprise either, in fact I would say that this move is part of the Emmert/Gee connection. Of course OSU has discussed things with the NCAA.

They have the relationships and the connections so why not use them?

Because I have such a distrust of the NCAA I cannot say if this move is enough to placate the NCAA or not.

Others think this move is a sham too...

The Columbus Dispatch reported Friday that Ohio State is "embarrassed" and recommended to the NCAA that it vacate all of its wins from 2010 and that it doesn't deserve any further punishment.

Embarrassed? Ohio State was so "embarrassed" by the findings that Tressel lied and covered up NCAA violations that the school initially decided to suspend Tressel for all of two games against Akron and Toledo.

That would be laughable if it wasn't so pathetic. Only later did Tressel decide to take one for the team and volunteer to extend his suspension to five games, to match the length of time his players would be suspended. By the way, who will serve Terrelle's Pryor five-game suspension this fall?

Just getting rid of the coach and the player most culpable in this scandal just isn't enough in my eyes.

But my opinion means nothing.

Mandel thinks the self-imposed sanctions are reasonable...I think he is off base here but that's fine.

It was also revealed that Ohio State is increasing their compliance staff by if that really addresses things. OSU has repeatedly bragged about having the biggest and best compliance staff in all of CFB yet they couldn't see this? That hubris was exposed after an internal audit revealed a lack of accountability in the securing and completing the necessary player vehicle documents.

tOSU promises to do a better job of that too.....right.

Jon Wilner thinks if OSU gets off light that USC should pursue further action...

I know USC wants to move on, but if NCAA doesn't add to tOSU's self-imposed penalties, Trojans will have to think about further action.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

That ship has sailed...

USC has moved on.

But i will say this, if tOSU does get off light and if Haden/Nikias and the BOT do nothing to address it, then it is just one more nail in Haden's coffin as AD. You will hear more and louder calls for Haden to go. The money will start to dry up

Personally, I hope they get off light. The more of this sham that is exposed the better it will be in the long run...sooner or later someone will take notice.

I just don't know how the NCAA will view this move...we will find out in the fall.