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Sunday Links

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Here is Sunday's offering...

First, first look: Notre Dame - ESPN Los Angeles
A decent read...

Where are they now: Amy Rodriguez - ESPN Los Angeles
I watched the US Women take it to Columbia yesterday, but I didn't see Amy Rodriguez on the pitch.

All-Time Pac-10 Team -
I am surprised that Anthony Munoz didn't get an honorable mention. He was at USC after the Pac-10 was formed.

Willie Lyles, Chip Kelly and Oregon Ducks football in the news (links) |
If you are Jonesing for more UO info...

CFN: Oregon's Problems Get Worse
An interesting take by College Football News...

What we know: The Allegations " The Buckeye Battle Cry
This is long, but The BBC did a nice job here.

Misery Loves Company | Eleven Warriors
Here is the view from Columbus...

Oregon, Chip Kelly, and Will Lyles: Duck and Cover-up? " The Buckeye Battle Cry
Here is another take from Columbus...