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In the face of their own bylaws, the NCAA clears Pryor mentor Sarniak in '08

You'll love this!

Even with the evidence right under their noses the NCAA looked the other way in the face of their own bylaws...

The records show the NCAA ruled in favor of Sarniak, a hometown friend who went with Pryor on several recruiting visits.

"Our staff could not conclude that the benefits provided by (Sarniak) to the prospective student-athlete constituted a violation," the NCAA's Amy Huchthausen wrote in a letter dated Sept. 17, 2008, to Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith.

However, Sarniak was told to he could no longer provide money, meals, tickets, presents or a cell phone to Pryor.


What would you call the items listed given to Pryor?

So, the NCAA says in one breath that Sarniak's relationship with Pryor is kosher and in the next they say he can no longer provide the extra benefits listed above.

If the benefits aren't an issue then why would the BCAA say that Sarniak can no longer provide said benefits?

Not surprising that this is how the NCAA thinks...they have had it ass-backwards from the word go.

Also, not surprising is the fact that tOSU fought hard to keep this information out of the public eye...

The records released by Ohio State on Friday had been sought by The Associated Press sought through a public records request earlier this spring. But Ohio State's Office of Legal Affairs declined then to release the records because it said doing so would mean giving up information without the student's consent.

Since Pryor is no longer a student, that reason was nullified.

Special treatment? Cronies looking out for one another?

I can see why the conference commissioners are vocally saying that things need to change.