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Kiffin discusses the Tyler situation in more detail

At yesterday's media days Lane Kiffin was asked about the Mark Tyler situation...obviously that is not a surprise.

Kiffin went into greater detail as to where things are at with Tyler.

"I was having a good day," Kiffin said Tuesday at Pac-12 media day.

His mood changed quickly after watching the video, in which Tyler appears to be intoxicated, makes lewd comments about reality-TV star Kim Kardashian and jokes about USC players being paid.

Upon returning to Los Angeles, Kiffin suspended Tyler for at least the first game of the season, as well as from all team activities. In lieu of "getting himself right," as Kiffin put it, Tyler won’t be reinstated.

"It was so not what we’re about at USC," Kiffin said of Tyler’s antics.

This hurts 'SC because we are thin with regards to experience at running back. Without experienced RB's it puts the offense a little behind the 8-ball.

Going to be an interesting fall camp.

Who is going to step up?