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Haden surprised at the NCAA's Ohio State report

This made me chuckle...

USC Athletic Director Pat Haden said Tuesday that he was "surprised" by last week's news that the NCAA had informed Ohio State that investigators had found no evidence that the university had failed to monitor its football program.

Haden, who succeeded Mike Garrett last year and oversees a program that is on probation, in the second year of a bowl ban and dealing with scholarship restrictions, cautioned that he did not know all of the details of the NCAA's probe of Ohio State.

"They know a lot more than I do, so it's dangerous for me to say, 'Are you kidding me?''" Haden said at Pacific 12 Conference Media Day, adding that Ohio State will have its hearing before the NCAA on Aug. 12. "It will be interesting to see what comes out of that."

Uh Huh...

We aren't surprised.

Why is he surprised? Didn't Haden say..."I think the appeals committee is a fair-minded group of folks."

Fruit of the poisonous tree Pat...