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Pac-12 Media Day - Los Angeles News and Notes

Pac-12 media days started today in L.A.

Tomorrow they will be in NYC...I will be there just like last year.

Here is what we learned today...

From Lane Kiffin


(on the state of USC)

"Right now, as you look at USC, there’s a lot of great things going on. The John McKay Center … it’s ahead of schedule. One thing we didn’t have is, we were behind facilities-wise. Hopefully, this allows us to catch up."

(on the NCAA appeal being decided)

"As far as the appeal process, we’re glad it’s over. We’re disappointed in the decision. It is what it is. At least we know what it is. We don’t have to deal with what may happen."

(on Marc Tyler’s suspension)

"We saw an incident happen, we dealt with it in a very swift manner. We took it very seriously. After watching what Marc did, none of us feel good about it. Marc has to get right. Until Marc gets right, he won’t be back with our program."

From Matt Barkley


(on freshman WR George Farmer)

"George Farmer is a special receiver. Taller, bigger, and I would say faster than Robert Woods."

(on Kyle Prater)

"He’s an X type of receiver, like a Mike Williams or Dwayne Jarrett. We haven’t had that type of guy the last couple years."

(on improving his game)

"Being consistent the whole year. Not trailing off like i have the last two years. Keeping a strong completion percentage and raising that ratio of my touchdowns to interceptions. Ultimately, it’s all about wins and losses. By reversing those and winning more games, we’ll be set."

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Here are the links to the Podcast's of Kiffin and Barkley.

USC was picked to win the South Division. Obviously, because of the sanctions, that is a hollow win if it happens.

A couple of notes...

Based on what I was reading in my Twitter feed Lane Kiffin pretty much filibustered to stay away from the tough questions.

I also saw where Pac-12 Moderator Dave Hirsch cut off questioning of Chip Kelly as the subject turned to Willie Lyles. Not surprising, but why let it get that far? The Pac-12 could have laid the ground rules out way before Kelly got on stage.

Rick Neuheisel acknowledged he is on the hot seat. Not surprising but I really don't see him going for another year or two.

Sarkisian seemed to be the best spoken coach on the dais today.

Larry Scott talks about the future Pac-12.

With USC entering a second season under an NCAA bowl ban and Oregon embroiled in controversy over payments to a recruiting service, the inaugural title game might have to settle for the conference's third- and fourth-best teams.

"I don't think anyone would say it's an ideal situation," said Paul Swangard, managing director of the Warsaw Sports Marketing Center at Oregon. "When your product is in question, it certainly creates a challenge."

And that's where bad news edges in on Scott's otherwise sunny message. "No one likes a cloud of accusations and questions about integrity," he said. "That's not the Pac-12 brand."

I also saw on Twitter where Larry Scott spoke with NCAA president Mark Emmert after the Ohio State findings were released last week...lets just say Scott is watching the situation very carefully.

Not like it really matters...

Where was Scott's vocal involvement over the past year?

Here are RipsIt's highlights...

As for tomorrow, I am taking question suggestions...leave them in the commnents.