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A truly great day...USC is vindicated and some other thoughts

Yesterday's news on the NCAA not finding any more infractions on Ohio State is like a great day for freedom!

No, I haven't been drinking...

This is just one more straw on the camels back. Sooner or later their house of cards will fall...just not right now.

While the clowns form across continue to be obsessed with anything USC related, thinking all USC fans do is whine about all of this, we can take solace in knowing that the NCAA was out to get USC. It's not's fact.

It's clear that the NCAA could not stand the culture that Pete Carroll nurtured.

I couldn't care less what others think...regardless of the school they root for. Today's actions show that the NCAA is all about connections. it isn't interested in really in enforcing a consistent set of rules.

The NCAA simply can't keep up. Mark Emmert looks like an even bigger fool after his "we're going to get tough" statement.

The technology has changed, the rule breakers will always be three steps ahead of the rule makers.

So, to keep some sort of balance the NCAA will hammer schools that it sees as a threat to the dinosaur that they are and protect those that are part of the good ol' boy network. The NCAA thinks this makes them look like they have a handle on things when it is clear that they are woefully inept and behind the times.

I am not breaking any new ground here...this proves further that the NCAA is hardly fair-minded, but is instead corrupt.

It won't change anytime soon don't get your hopes up about CAPA, congressional involvement or that letters from disgruntled USC alums will make a difference.

They won't.

Nobody in the media has the guts to take the NCAA on because the money involved for broadcast and merchandising rights is too important to mess with.

I mean think about it...has anyone of significance in the NCAA ever rolled over on the NCAA like some mob turncoat? The NCAA holds all the cards, they take care of their cronies and pick and choose what golden goose to spare.

As great as the sport is and as great as the exposure of the sport has become, it is clear that NCAA sports are really no different than any casino game.

No matter the outcome, the house always wins...