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Conquest Chronicles Links for 7/21/11

Lots of interesting news yesterday.

Hear are some thoughts on today's links...I am not going to get too involved with the USC side of things today because of the number of different developments that broke yesterday.

-- The whole Longhorn network thing has some schools rethinking their commitment to the Big 12. I am not sure how it will all shake out, but I suspect that the NCAA will put some serious restrictions on what the LHN will be able to televise WRT high school football. This is part of the problem with the NCAA...The simply cannot keep up with technology or the fans insatiable desire for more and more coverage. This may not be a big deal at all, but because they are still in the dark ages all they ever do is play catch up. They just aren't forward thinking...

-- With the LSU/Willie Lyles development yesterday, LSU has to be relieved that the NCAA bought their self-sanctioning. The clock for the repeat violator status isn't affected by any negative information that the NCAA could possibly hit LSU with. They dodged a bullet here. That being said, even with all the supposed thoroughness that LSU demanded of Lyles they still accepted shoddy information. The question is what did they get in return and what would they have paid if they got what they wanted?

-- The whole Danny Sheridan/Cam Newton situation definitely made for great radio. The question is, how credible is it? TSK has two good posts on it. The first is revelation by Sheridan, the second looks at it much more carefully. I have a hard time believing that the Gene Chizik/Julie Roe Lach dust up six weeks ago all of sudden got this investigation on the fast track to the point of the NCAA possibly identifying Cecil Newton's bag man. Either have the info or they don't.

Onto the links...

2011 USC opponent preview: Stanford - The Orange County Register
Opponent: Stanford When: Saturday, Oct. 29, 5 p.m. PT Where: The Coliseum

2011 Fall Camp Schedule - RipsIt

Discipline - RipsIt

Pat Haden on with Colin Cowherd
USC athletic director Pat Haden talks about the Marc Tyler scandal. Haden says they considered kicking Tyler off the team.

Rivers And Maualuga Could Rank As Top-Ten Linebackers In The NFL - Cincy Jungle
Catching up with Keith and Rey...

Memo to NCAA: it’s beyond time to address the ESPN/Texas relationship | CollegeFootballTalk
In January of this year, ESPN and the University of Texas announced the official creation of what would come to be called the Longhorn Network, an endeavor that would initially entitle UT to an estimated $300 million over 20 years from the WWL.

Urban Meyer thinks the NCAA should have subpoena power. Can that really work? - Dr. Saturday
Only if they can also have arresting powers...Urban Meyer Needs to just stick to X's and O's

Willie Lyles sold video to LSU with no recruiting value - ESPN
Some of the video scouting reports purchased by the LSU football program last fall from Willie Lyles contain information that would likely be of little use during the recruiting process, a review of the reports by Outside the Lines has found.

Danny Sheridan: NCAA Has Found Cam Newton Bag Man - Team Speed Kills
Danny Sheridan says the NCAA thinks it found someone who paid money for Cam Newton to go to Auburn.


Questions Raised by Danny Sheridan's Report on Cam Newton Investigation - Team Speed Kills
The new report on the Cam Newton investigation raises some good questions.