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Conquest Chronicles Links for 7/19/11

Here are some links from over the past couple of days.

A couple of notes on today's links...

-- Tyler's suspension is more about embarrassing the program than anything else. Yes, he has two other issues pending but because his actions embarrassed the program Kiffin took action.Kiffin is on a completely diofferent track than his predecessor.

-- If you have Sirius/XM there was a great interview with Sam Cunningham about his time at USC and his induction into the CFB HOF.

-- Despite having "resumed" his duties, ESPN Bruce Feldman continues to remain MIA. Hard to know what the reasons is/are but Feldman is the type to shun the spotlight. The story is still too hot for Feldman to pick up where he left off and not have to discus the whole mess. The Piece from the ESPN Ombudsman linked below is long but doesn't really address the issue...just more circular talk blaming blogs, bloggers and social networking as the problem.

-- Richard Sandomir, as good as he is, comes off exactly how you would expect an NYT writer to come off...Haughty.

-- Tony Barnhart's column is a good read, but I think he still misses the point that the NCAA is selective in its investigation and enforcement processes. They only want to know what they want to know...I mean come on, six hours with Willie Lyles and NO questions about Oregon?

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Matt Barkley named to Walter Camp watch list - ESPN Los Angeles

The fallout of the Marc Tyler suspension - ESPN Los Angeles
USC's Monday suspension of Marc Tyler for the season opener against Minnesota...

Cunningham was a game-changer for society - South Bend Tribune
Congrats to Sam Cunningham on this well deserved moment!

Torrent on Twitter in Support of ESPN’s Bruce Feldman - NY Times
I get the feeling that Richard Sandomir isn't a big fan of of Twitter and even less of a fan of bloggers...

Poynter Review Project: Bruce Feldman saga at ESPN marked by bad decisions - ESPN
Everyone involved the Bruce Feldman saga -- ESPN, managers, the reporter, bloggers and journalists who repeated the word suspension without verifying the facts -- bears responsibility for bad decisions, writes the Poynter Review Project.

ADs, consider this a warning: NCAA isn't playing nice anymore - Tony Barnhart
The NCAA has had enough of brazen scandals happening under its watch. After years of taking punches, it's ready to dish out some punishment. Tony Barnhart says it's time for ADs to learn some new rules -- or face the NCAA's wrath later.