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The NCAA may have another issue to look at...

This is not CFB related...yet.

But, I could see this as another of one of those gray areas.

Former Arizona coach Lute Olson, Baylor coach Scott Drew, Texas Tech coach Billy Gillispie and former Utah coach and current Gonzaga assistant Ray Giacoletti are among those has confirmed had money invested with Salinas. "But the list is much longer," one source said. "Lots of coaches had money with him, but they're going to try to deny it and just hope it doesn't come out."

The reason some might be concerned about their financial connection to Salinas is because it's unclear how the NCAA would view college coaches investing money with the founder of a summer basketball program that supplied recruits to several universities over the years. Among the prominent prospects who played in Salinas' program are Juwann McClellan (Arizona), Joseph Jones (Texas A&M), Dexter Pittman (Texas) and Cartier Martin (Kansas State), the last of whom spent last season with the NBA's Washington Wizards.

It is one thing to leave a paper trail of school funds for "recruiting services", but if a coach invests his own money like is mentioned above the line gets blurred.

The conflict of interest here could really be a big issue here.

Coach invests money with investment firm run by the same guy who just happens to also run an AAU type can see where I am going here.

This could look like a high priced street agent.

"Paying" for a player could then be hidden under the guise of a legitimate investment.

This stuff gets murkier and murkier.

Follow the money...