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Continuing Bruce Feldman Coverage...LINKS!

The CFB world won't let this go easily so here are a few more takes on this situation...

Bruce Feldman's Suspension, ESPN, And An Order For Watermelons All Around -
Bruce Feldman's suspension from ESPN has nothing to do with Craig James' godlike powers, and everything to do with giant infants in business suits.

Report: Feldman suspended for role in Leach book -
Eye On College Football - Report: Feldman suspended for role in Leach book

New Leach book lands Bruce Feldman on suspension, and ESPN in media crosshairs - Dr. Saturday

ESPN Suspends Bruce Feldman Over Mike Leach Book "Swing Your Sword" - Corn Nation
ESPN has suspended Bruce Feldman, allegedly for his involvement in Mike Leach's book which had the gaul to criticize Craig James and the leader of the sports universe.

Silver Lining in ESPN’s Vindictive Sword Swing Against Bruce Feldman - Bruins Nation
There is a great opportunity for a happy ending for sports fans and Bruce Feldman following ESPN's vindictive actions against the famed sportswriter for writing a book on Mike Leach.

Note: Regardless of who writes it, I will link to any relevant posts on this subject.