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The NCAA Hammers Georgia Tech

I am a huge Paul Johnson fan, I realize that the football aspect of these infractions happend in his first year at Geogia Tech but this ain't his first rodeo.

This takes a little bit of the luster off of the pearl.

The NCAA is really feeling full of itself.

They are really on a tear in going after the rule breakers...

The NCAA put Georgia Tech on four years of probation, fined the school $100,000 and stripped its ACC title game win from the 2009 football season on Thursday for violations that also included problems in the men's basketball program.

Georgia Tech did not lose scholarships and was not ruled ineligible for postseason games in either sport, but the basketball team had the number of recruiting days and official visits reduced for the next two seasons.

So let me get this straight...

Georgia Tech fails to cooperate with the NCAA in its investigation. In fact, the NCAA says the Georgia Tech hindered the investigation in having a member of the coaching staff tip off a player who was to be interviewed by the NCAA.

The NCAA said the school failed to cooperate with its investigation, and said it was hindered by a school staff member who alerted the player about potential eligibility concerns before his interview with NCAA investigators.

Yet, Georgia Tech loses zero scholarships and is not penalized in receiving a post-season ban...the 100K is peanuts in the grand scheme of things and the vacating of the last three games is a throw in.

I would the following is quite different than what the NCAA said about USC in cooperating in a 4-plus year investigation.

"It appeared to the committee that the institution attempted to manipulate the information surrounding potential violations involving (the player)," the report said, "so there would be enough doubt about its validity to justify the decision not to declare him ineligible."


That coach should get hit with a 10.1 and a "show cause".

Here is the kicker...

"They were not isolated because the violations occurred over two academic years and involved members of the men's basketball staff," the infractions committee report said. "They were also not inadvertent, as the institution and head men's basketball coach were aware of its staff members' involvement in the tournament, which had occurred on the campus for a period of 10 years."

And that's not LOIC???

Color me shocked...............................NOT!