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Reggie Bush hanging on to his Heisman Trophy

I am not surprised by this.

After giving up the award so easily I guess Reggie has had a change of heart.

On June 7 Dan Patrick Show Executive Producer Paul Pabst reported that nine months after the Heisman Trophy Trust decided to cancel Reggie Bush’s 2005 award, the former USC running back had not yet returned the actual trophy.

During those nine months, Pabst also noted that Heisman Trophy Trust officials had repeatedly contacted Reggie Bush’s agent Joel Segal in a bid to have the trophy returned, with a Heisman Trust source telling Pabst, "the whole world reasonably expected him to return it."

I know that there are some that think that Reggie should keep the trophy and thumb his nose at all those who thought he should have been stripped of the award.

You can can count me among those who feel that way.

When they take Charles Woodson's award for his cheating then they can have Reggie's.

Understand, I am not giving Reggie a pass for the obvious reasons

We all know that Bush lied when this first broke about not having done anything wrong. But his continued stone walling and then subsequent settling with Lloyd lake almost three years after he settled Michael Michael's when he could have settled with Lake right out of the gate and put this whole mess to bed really pissed a lot of people off.

His continued silence and lack of contrition after USC was hit by the NCAA in the face of overwhelming evidence that both he and his parents took money continues to rub salt in the wounds of many USC fans.

Heck, even Terrelle Pryor said he was sorry...

There are those who think we should just move on...I don't disagree with that. If Bush wants to keep the trophy I am fine with it.

But, I guess we really shouldn't be surprised though. It was Reggie and his parents selfishness that got this whole thing rolling, so this is just a continuation of their selfishness is completely within their character...