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The BCS strips USC of the 2004 Title

This is not a surprise.

We all knew this was coming, so to me all it does is pretty much close the book on this...

The Bowl Championship Series on Monday officially stripped USC of its 2004 championship as a result of major infractions involving star running back Reggie Bush.

The BCS title will be vacated for that season. The Associated Press previously announced USC would remain its 2004 champion.

"The BCS alerted us today that their presidents have voted to vacate USC's 2005 BCS Championship Game victory," USC Athletic Director Pat Haden said in a statement. "This was not an unexpected outcome. We will comply with all requirements mandated by the result of this BCS vote."

The ruling came less than two weeks after the NCAA denied USC's appeal to have some of the sanctions reduced. The Trojans were slapped with a two-year ban on postseason play and the loss of 30 scholarships.

USC, however, effectively forfeited its 2004 title last year when it admitted Bush was an ineligible player during the Trojans' run to the title. USC claimed the crystal trophy with a 55-19 victory over Oklahoma in the 2005 Orange Bowl.


We are pretty much done on this.

I am not worried about McNair's lawsuit for the obvious reason that it changes nothing.

So we forge on...

It is kind of funny I watched the game this weekend. The outcome was still the same, the memories are intact and USC still kicked Oklahoma's ass.

So there is that...