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Possible disciplinary action facing USC's Marc Tyler

For the most part USC's football players have kept their noses clean, but if these allegations are true about Marc Tyler then it is really disappointing to see some players still not get it.

From the LAT...

USC tailback Marc Tyler, the Trojans' leading rusher last season, is awaiting possible disciplinary action for his alleged role in two off-the-field incidents, Tyler confirmed Friday.

Tyler, a fifth-year senior, recently appeared at a hearing before USC's Office of Student Judicial Affairs in regard to the April incidents, one in which he allegedly spit on a female student while intoxicated and another in which he allegedly inappropriately touched another female student at a bar near campus.

It will be interesting to see how USC handles this, both at the Student Judicial Affairs level and at the football level.

Lane Kiffin has shown very little give in these types of situations. He has raised the level of discipline with the program. I am unfamiliar with the how student judiciaries work, but being held in judgment by your peers can't a be a fun experience. Especially when you are a high profile athlete at the institution.

On the inappropriate touching allegation why weren't the police called? That's the one question I have. As for the alleged spitting incident...I find that to be repugnant. That is a vile and disgusting thing to do someone.

Not sure what Tyler is thinking here. On the surface it looks like he has a bit of a drinking problem. If that's the case he needs to get his life in order because if he doesn't that will follow him forever.

As for Tyler the football player...I think that ship has sailed. There is no question that he has some tremendous talent but it has just never panned out here. He has a hard time staying healthy and he has a bit of a history of not staying in shape. This could be the the one thing that keeps on the bench as the D.J. Morgan era gets ready to start.

At what point does the player take personal responsibility for his actions.

'SC fans need to be careful here. I don't want to throw a player under the bus if the allegations are proven untrue but we can't whistle past the graveyard either. Many of us screamed and yelled about how ND handled their issues. Lets see it all play out before saying anything that we may regret later...