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Conquest Chronicles Links for 6/27

A little late at getting this up...

College Football News - 2011 USC Preview
USC is still pretty good. It might not be the star of the Pac-12 this season, and it's not going bowling, but the elite program that's in a holding pattern has enough talent to still be dangerous on a weekly basis.

Three and Out: USC still the champ - Tom Dienhart
The BCS stripping USC of its 2004 title is among Tom Dienhart s topics in Three and Out.

Twelve Days of Pac-12: USC - Rule Of Tree
The Pac-12 is only four days away. We're looking at all 12 schools of the conference in anticipation of what's to come. Today we're looking at the University of Southern California.

Jarvis Jones eligibilty at risk? -
Jarvis Jones took a few fights on someone elses dime...not sure it really affects USC