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Conquest Chronicles Links for 6/23/11 - Lonnie White comes clean, Vucevic and the NBA Draft and the State of Troy

<em>A big night for Kid Euro!!</em>
A big night for Kid Euro!!

A nice variety of things today...

USC Football

Former USC football player admits taking money while in school -
I know this was posted as a FanShot but I wanted to make sure this made it to the main page. I am not really sure what the point is of White coming clean as it was a long time ago. Seems pointless to me and only adds fuel to the fire about USC's image...Tell me where I am wrong.

USC repsonds to Gary Klein's piece
Athletic donations may only be down 10% but I suspect that number will it a hunch. As the success of the football team goes so do donations and sponsorships.

Woods sits out, plays waterboy - ESPN Los Angeles
I am a little concerned that Wood's Ankle injury still has not healed 100% after two months...

Q+A with Joe Barry (Part 2) - The Orange County Register
USC’s linebackers absorbed a ton of criticism last season, and they will continue to be scrutinized until their play improves. Second-year linebackers coach Joe Barry knows that better...

USC Basketball

The rapid rise of USC’s Vucevic - The Orange County Register
The NBA draft is tonight! Kid Euro didn't get a Green Room invite but he will be in the City...

Basketball: Updating Vucevic's status - ESPN Los Angeles
Could former USC forward Nikola Vucevic sneak into the lottery? It still sounds a bit crazy to say it, but yes, yes he could -- quite easily...

Odds and Ends

State of Troy Recap
For those of you not on Pat Haden's email list (like me) here is a recap of his latest state of the union address...

Commissioner Larry Scott on issues of the day | College Hotline
Jon Wilner talks to Larry Scott

In the deep end of recruiting pool, Oregon drowning itself with silence" | The Register-Guard
This is from yesterday...still lots of questions surrounding Oregon and Will Lyles...

Ducks conduct business as usual despite latest controversy - Dennis Dodd
Will there be any consequences for the Will Lyles controversy? That remains to be seen. Dennis Dodd chats with Oregon Coach Chip Kelly...