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Like it or not Pete Carroll has moved on

I can't say that I am really surprised but Pete Carroll has put USC in the rear view mirror.

With one of the most storied and dominant runs in the history of college football severely tarnished by the NCAA's unprecedented sanctions...Pete Carroll simply has nothing more to say.

With the college football program over which he presided reeling under NCAA-imposed sanctions and, most recently, a stripping of its 2004 BCS national title, the man who ran the show doesn’t have much to say about the events that caused the collapse of one of the greatest teams of the last decade.


With ESPN, Carroll was asked this question: "You’ve talked about how you’re disappointed in what the NCAA has done with USC. How do we get our arms around a problem that has been around for such a long time, and seemingly hasn’t gotten better?"

"Yeah, that’s a big question, and I’m not gonna answer it," Carroll said in response. "I’m not going into it."

Whatever the reason, Carroll's new found silence officially closes the book on the Pete Carroll Era.

That is his right, and I am actually fine with it. I don't think he owes USC fans anything more than what he has already given us.

Carroll made a statement shortly after the sanctions were announced...which to some, was probably too much.

I will always be a Pete Carroll fan. I will continue to defend him where it is warranted and will criticize him in the same way as well. I didn't agree with every move that he made and it was clear that at the time that he moved on that his message had lost its punch.

It happens to every great coach who achieves that level of success.

Pete Carroll's legacy, in the eyes of some, has not been completely written. I'm not I sure I agree let alone care. I saw all I wanted to see where it mattered....on the field. The rumors an innuendo that Carroll may have known something more is garbage. If anyone has proof then they should put it out there for everyone to see and scrutinize.

I wish Pete Carroll luck in his future endeavors, whatever they might be. I wouldn't trade anything for experiencing that run that we all witnessed.

Carroll owes us nothing more. He has chosen to move time the rest us of will move on as well.

Thanks for everything coach!!