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The L.A. Coliseum Commission reneges on their agreement with USC

This is what happens when people lack a realistic vision. Too worried about holding onto power and staying relevant. With TWO competing stadium proposals in the works, the Coliseum Commission just doesn't see that the Old Lady has lost a lot of her appeal.

At this point in time, The Coliseum and USC Football are synonymous. They should have let us have control last year...

I cannot say that I am surprised by any of this...

For the first time, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Commission officials acknowledged Thursday that they would be unable to keep their promise to USC to make nearly $60 million in sorely needed renovations to the 88-year-old stadium.

The admission leaves the neighboring university with a number of options under its contract for playing Trojan football home games there.

USC could make renovations on its own instead of paying rent to the commission; it could leave; or it could ask to receive a master lease giving it day-to-day authority over the publicly owned Coliseum. That would have USC oversee repairs, maintenance, the booking of events and require it to pay rent to the commission or the state.

First, I don't see USC leaving...there really isn't a viable option, that includes the Rose Bowl.

The first and third options that I noted above do work in USC's favor. I don't see USC buying the Coliseum, they have bigger fish to fry and plunking down a 100-million isn't as easy as some might think.

Getting control would put USC in the drivers seat to do things as they see fit.

The State of California is broke, they don't have the money to run the facility let alone make the necessary, promised repairs. Knocking down the Sports Arena for better parking would be one thing I would look into. That is prime real estate and the building is doing nothing.

The state needs the tax dollars, parking is one way of getting them.

I wouldn't be surprised if USC knew this was going to happen and just let things play out. The CC claims to have 12-months worth of funds, they will blow through that pretty quick and then 'SC can make their move.

This is just the first shot...